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About Us

We are AVS INFOSYS a team of IT professionals

We are Delhi based Company since more than 8 years and now we explore IT services in SonebhadraROBERTSGANJ Uttar Pradesh.

AVS Infosysis IT professionals who have expertise in Personal Computer, Hardware,Security, Wired//Wireless Internet Service Provider and software technologies. We have been supporting and selling, Desktop/Laptop, Local Area Networks, Security systems, Server Platforms and Application Software for more than 8 years.

Our goal is to make Digital Sonebhadra (ROBERTSGANJ) as our India is going to be Digital. We have successfully deployed IT services to more than 5000 Companies and individuals. Computer systems and Local Area Networks are no longer nice-to-have components but have become mission critical business tools. With the growth of the Internet as a cost-effective and expedient communication medium, organizations want zero downtime of their computer systems. We help our customers achieve this with low time and MONEY expense. What makes us unique is not any particular business model or service or competency, but our overall work philosophy. We work for our customers first and profits second, because we know that if we secure the first, the second will eventually follow. Our team works hard to understand customer needs and requirements. We also actively engage with customers to show them what more is possible with their existing IT infrastructure. We have unique “thinking tools” that help customers spark creative ideas. This helps open the doors to imagination of infinite possibilities using IT. customers maximize their return on IT INVESTMENT. Our expertise areas include desktop operating systems, network operation systems, office productivity tools, Security systems / Wired/Wireless technology, messaging (email) and collaboration systems, backup systems, IT infrastructure management systems and more. Most importantly, if you need a solution and we do not have a ready answer, we will figure it out for you and deliver you a solution. That is our personal

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