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Data Storage & Backup Solutions

Ensuring your data remains with you, forever!

With most of the business processes computerized, data is being generated faster than ever before. The need for referring to this data by multiple and concurrent users is even more. Your business can rely on our storage solution built upon NAS ( Network Attached Storage) for comfortable and roomy storage and quick retrieval of data. We build robust data backup solutions using the NAS devices which is fastest to restore in case of any data loss. Within no time, your data is back with you. Using multiple levels, data lifecycle is managed to strike best balance between data availability and speed of access. We sell , configure, deploy , service and support Qnap, Synology and other popular NAS products for storage and backup solutions. Highlights of our Storage and backup solutions are:

  • High availability of business data.
  • Data access free from dependence on fragile operating systems.
  • Easy manageability of centralized data.
  • Fully compatible with data security methods of major operating systems.
  • Streamlined data backup and quick and reliable restores.
  • Storage capacities can be increased as and when required.
  • Economic data backup without heavy investment in backup devices.

AVS Backup & Recovery Services Backup and recovery services are essential to the security of your customers' businesses. According to Forbes, "Businesses today operate in an environment where significant application downtime and data loss lead easily to lost productivity, lost revenue and lost customers. Through appropriate tiring, a better backup and recovery process is within online reach of your business." AVS understands the importance of backup and recovery services to every business and is committed to providing efficient and intuitive tools to simplify the process. Our best in class platform does more than back up data; it helps to rapidly recover data that has been lost: As security threats escalate across businesses of all sizes — with ransomware in particular causing major disruptions — the enhanced cloud-based offering [of AVS addresses the growing market need for a holistic approach to business continuity. According to a major antivirus software provider, 50,000 computers are infected with ransomware every month worldwide. MSP Backup & Recovery enables IT pros to get systems back up and running in minutes, and in the case of a ransomware attack, prevents companies from paying criminal ransoms to regain access to their own locked data. Key features and benefits of AVS backup and recovery services: • Integrates with numerous operating systems and applications • Enables you to backup a single file, a specific application, an entire Windows server and everything in between • Automatically tracks file changes between backups • Performs backups quickly and efficiently to minimize interruptions to your customers' operations • Includes a redundant backup repository that backs up data, even when there is an Internet outage • Gives you the choice to use your own servers or ours Security is our Top Priority When you take the time to back up sensitive data, you want to be sure that it is secure throughout the entire process. AVS protects data with AES 128-bit encryption while at rest and during transit. Additionally, our backup and recovery platform supports: • Client-side encryption • Private key encryption • Security-focused storage • Managed antivirus • Patch management • Archiving • HIPAA compliance

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